Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizing for 2012

So I spent the better part of the day, taking down my holiday decorations and re-organizing the area of our basement that they are stored in.

As you can see they were stored last year without much thought, because I knew we were moving and you never quite know what the movers will do when they show up. There have been times when they have opened up the bins and rewrapped each ornament and then there have been times when they simply tape up the plastic bin, stick a number on it and call it good.

 I knew a few weeks ago that after Christmas, when I took everything down, I was going to reorganize and label each bin so that I would know by just looking what was inside of it. Of course 3 bins in I ran out of label tape for the P-Touch and that meant it was off to Staples, which just happens to be next to Home Depot, which I always need to visit when I'm nearby.

So after a quick trip in and out of Staples I spent the next hour roaming the aisles of HD envisioning all the projects I have planned for the house in the coming months. While I was there I picked up a few more storage bins and a small shelving unit for all my crafting supplies. As you can see that area of the basement is a disaster!
In my own defense I must say before the craziness of getting the house ready for Christmas began, this area was nice and tidy and somewhat organized. I have a tendency to look for things and than once I find them, say I'll come back and put everything away later, but every time I pasted this mess on the way to do a load of laundry I thought to myself, I might as well wait until after Christmas since I'm going to be organizing then anyway! Hence the disaster we call our basement!
 Does it make me a total dork if I confess that seeing all my plastic bins so nicely labeled and stacked gives me a sense of great Joy and Contentment? I still have a lot to do down there, but I'm actually looking forward to re-organizing my craft area and re-discovering all the supplies I totally forgot I had :)
                                                                                   Until Next Time

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  1. ohhh, so no nice and organized! I love the labeling. I may need to do that to my Christmas tubs :).

    Congrats on the new blog!! I'm happy to be one of your followers! I can't wait to see what you do next!

    Thanks for stopping by 52 Mantels! I'm glad my tutorial was helpful!! Let me know if you need any more info/clarification. As for your web address, when I clicked on your blogger name, it took me to your info and there was a link for your web address. All this to say, your picture, name and blog are all linked fine! You should be easy to find!

    Welcome to blogland!


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